I Hate New York: Real Estate


There are many reasons to love New York– Broadway, museums, celebrity sightings, etc. But there are tons of reasons to hate it, too. Frankly, I’m tired of all the rah-rah, “I Love New York” post-9/11 bullshit. This city is just as filthy and tiresome and corrupt as it was before, maybe even more so.

A big reason I’m hating New York is the whole apartment rental thing. If you want a decent apartment, you’re probably going to have to use a broker and pay them 15% of a year’s rent for their work. They’re not all evil and incompetent (though most are) and some are actually quite good at what they do. I was lucky enough to find such a person, who’s like my own personal pitbull when it comes to finding my next abode.

But did you know that in just about every other city in the country, the owner pays the broker to find them a renter? Therefore, owners are more likely to charge a fair rent and keep a renter as long as possible. In our fair city, the owner’s have nothing to lose by jacking up your rent every year, because you have to pay the broker.

Do you have a gripe about New York that you want to rant about? Write to me and if its a good one, I’ll publish it here.

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