The Baroness Serena Von Munchkin


The Baroness Serena Von Munchkin is my dog, a pure-bred dachshund that her other daddy and I adopted 7 years ago. In November 2006, Serena celebrated her 18th birthday! To give you some perspective, she was born the year I graduated high school, DYNASTY and THE COSBY SHOW were still on television and Reagan was in the White House.

The Baroness is still going strong, despite the fact that she can barely see. She loves walking down the hallway of the apartment building where she lives with her other daddy, eating chicken and sleeping. Long live the Baroness!

UPDATE: The Baroness has been diagnosed with canine dementia! Finally, we understand why she wanders the hallways, stares into space and stays up all night. But fear not, the old gal’s not ready for a straight-jacket or suffering in any way. But we may have to take her driver’s license away!

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