Janice Dickinson Is a Dumb Ass


I’ve been reading Janice’s book No Lifeguard on Duty and I want to believe the best about her. She had a horrifying childhood and made some major mistakes as an adult. But there does come a time when you need to get your act together as an adult. That time has long since passed for the oldest living supermodel. Check out this tip:

The self-proclaimed “World’s 1st supermodel” transformed last night’s Ed Hardy fashion show into a living hell for event organizers — and she’s now been banned from future shows!

According to inside sources, Janice Dickinson refused to sit in the seat assigned to her — claiming she wasn’t close enough to the media — and instead sat in seats assigned to Fern Mallis, lead organizer of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and Davis Factor, co-creator of Smashbox Studio. Though she was heard yelling, “I’m not moving for anyone, I don’t care who it is,” she switched seats after being reprimanded by Factor himself.

Dickinson wasn’t done causing trouble just yet though. She then trashed Ed Hardy clothing to reporters, saying “Those t-shirts are worth $5 … it only cost them $5 to make in China,” but added they may be worth money in twenty years. The model/trainwreck then caused a scene backstage when she stuck her foot in a giant tub of ice after claiming a model “broke her toe.”

Dickinson has since been requested not to attend future shows “by the powers that be” at IMG, a leading talent agency.”

What the heck is her problem?

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