Is Lorenzo Lamas Gay?!


A dinner party guest who shall remain nameless (mainly because I can’t remember who said it) claims that Falcon Crest hottie Lorenzo Lamas is a homo. This person swears that they were at a television industry party where Lamas and an equally-handsome male companion had their arms around each other and were cruising men together.

Let’s examine the facts:

• His mother is film star Arlene Dahl, his father was Fernando Lamas (you look fabulous, darling) and his stepmother is swimming sensation Esther Williams.

• He highlighted his hair for his role in Grease to make him look different from John Travolta.

• His Falcon Crest character Lance Cumson (eek) was an over-the-top playboy who had a new bed partner in almost every episode.

• He has dated and married several women who have had or end up having a lot of plastic surgery, to the point where they no longer look like women.

• He was the bitchy judge on  Are You Hot? or whatever it was called.

• He totally looks like a brokedown meth addict now.

Oh, who cares? Check out that picture. GAY!

One response to “Is Lorenzo Lamas Gay?!

  1. While watching “Falcon Crest”,it always seemed to me an unhoped for reality that Lorenzo Lamas may actually be a card-carrying,flag-waving member of the Fraternity.Whether he is or not,who cares?SOMEBODY SUSPECTS!!!! And,yes,I always thought the name ‘Cumsen’was a bit O.T.T.!!

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