Stylish Weekend: April 6, 2007


This weekend promises to be cold and nasty in the Big Apple. Instead of holing up at home with Doritos and The Golden Girls, why don’t you…

… clean out your closets and donate the cast-offs to Housing Works? You’ll get more space for new summer gear and a generous tax write-off for 2007. The proceeds from Housing Works Thrift Stores help fund their work to combat HIV/AIDS and homelessness in New York City.

… bake some yummy Lemonade Cupcakes from YumSugar to celebrate the spring? If you’re watching your waistline like us, search a recipe on, a recipe website completely written by readers.

… get organized for spring? The Container Store is our favorite place to stock up on shoe boxes, recycling bins and laundry bags. Plus, their spring sale is going on now. If you want something a little more fabulous, like zip-loc document files or a Lucite stapler, check out Japanese superstore Muji. You can order online or check out their mini-store in the basement of the MoMA store in SoHo.

… go find a new pair of sunglasses and throw out those cheap H&M things you’ve been “rocking” for the past year. The editors at Details have a few suggestions.

… get inspired by art? The Metropolitan Museum of Art continues their Discovering Tutankhamun photography exhibition (historical bling!), the MoMA‘s ‘Comic Abstraction’ is a modern explosion of color and The Museum at FIT showcases the work of fashion designer Ralph Rucci, the first American to show at the Paris couture since the 1930’s.

… figure out how to put together that Ikea bookcase using all the parts? Time Out New York hosts a timed building event at the Ikea in Paramus, NJ to see who can build a Billy bookcase the fastest. Stop in for some Swedish meatballs and cheap cotton rugs for the summer rental while you’re there. Take the 163 bus to Paramus from Port Authority if you’re without wheels.

Can’t wait to hear about your weekend. See you Monday!

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