Get It: Slim White Jeans


How lucky are we that our mega-weight loss coincided with the advent of slim cut jeans for men? Really, that whole saggy baggy look went on for way too long. When we were ready to unveil or trim selves we wanted the whole world to see every non-existent inch.

Keep in mind, we’re talking slim cut, not skinny. Skinny jeans are for emo rockers and model daters who try to look ugly on purpose. Regular jeans are for regular people, who don’t want to look like anything. Slim cut is for us — narrow legs, a lower waist and a barely-tapered ankle create the perfect silohuette.

Our favorite for summer is the new J. Crew vintage white wash. Not an actual white jean, but a denim that’s been woven from undyed Italian cotton. Eco-friendly and great for vacation dinners and overpriced sandals.

Vintage slim fit white jeans, $89.50

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