Icon: Globe-Trotter Suitcase


If it’s good enough for the Queen of England, it’s good enough for us. No, we’re not talking about a blue hair rinse or sensible heels. We’re talking about Globe-Trotter luggage, the preferred travelling cases of the Royal Family.

Globe-Trotters have been part of history since David Nelkin founded the company in 1897. Queen Elizabeth II carried (or someone carried for her) Globe-Trotter on her honeymoon. Sir Edmund Hillary had it with him on Everest. Pilots and crew for the Royal Air Force and British Airways also favored the lightweight bags.

The bags are handcrafted in Hertfordshire, England from Vulcan Fibre — that’s right, they’re cardboard! Each bag has an ash wood frame, cloth lining and leather trim. There’s even a bespoke service, if you find yourself near the Burlington Arcade shops in London (you should some day; its fabulous) with a wad of cash. Each bag is available in classic and contemporary colors and are virtually indistructable.

Our Globe-Trotter has literally been around the world and back. Don’t ask us how we got it and don’t ask to borrow it.

Globe-Trotter Ltd.

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