Loose Threads


We totally sympathize with Christina Ricci. Chrissie, don’t listen to the accountants! They are bad, bad people who want you to wear last season’s shoes. In Case You Didn’t Know

A list of what not to buy the next time you need underwear. New York Times

The Anna Nicole story lives! Washed-up L.A. male model claims to be babydaddy’s gay lover. We’re ashamed to admit that we have loved every moment of the Anna Nicole saga. So Shakesperean. towleroad.com

We’re crossing our fingers that Brad Pitt is single again soon and will start looking halfway decent in public. Hmm, Britney is single, too. Just a thought. Star

Kitty Carlisle Hart died two days ago. Will be buried next to her husband, playwright, director and known homosexualist Moss Hart. Did you know that Danny Kaye once said, when told that Moss was the King of American theater, “Some kings are just a queen with a moustache?” kittycarlisle.com

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