Bargain Hunter: Extra 50% Off at J. Crew


Dear Mickey Drexler*,

We’re worried. Don’t get us wrong, you’re doing a fantastic job when it comes to design. If you’ve ever looked at our website (and you should), you would see the enormous amount of coverage we give to your designs. They’re light years away from the work of your predecessor.

HOWEVER, we’re confused and a little annoyed at the constant flip-flopping of markdowns in your stores. Over the weekend, we got a great swimsuit for extra 25% off. A bit perturbed since it had been extra 50% off a couple days before. Then last night we scan the racks and there it is again at extra 50% off. Argh! How are we to keep up with these constant returns?!

A bit of advice we learned in our toiling-time in retail — keep it simple and don’t confuse the customer. We shouldn’t have to break out an abacus to figure out what’s going on and we shouldn’t feel like we’ve been cheated by a store that we regularly spend most of our disposable income at.


Your friends and customers at NOUN

He’s the head of J. Crew. -Ed.

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