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West Elm Summer Sale


West Elm is like the Gap of home decor. You’ve got to pick through a lot of crap to find the good stuff and you’ll probably return half of what you buy. But, like our favorite clothing outlet, West Elm also has amazing markdown prices.

Now through July 15th, a huge selection of furniture and home accessories is up to 60% off. And many items have free shipping on Our pick is the hanging botanical mobile, just $14.99. Very Calder-on-a-budget. 


Loose Threads: Bad Fashion Choices


Ben Affleck is really excited to be surfing with Matt Damon and has the trunks to prove it. Dlisted

Calvin Klein White Label coming to a mall near you. FabSugar

Cameron Diaz’s bad fashion choice offends an entire country. Dlisted

Counterfeit ring busted in New York area. Maybe all the tour bus ladies will stay home for a while. Women’s Wear Daily 

Gypsy On the Big Screen!

If you live in Manhattan, you must go to the Chelsea Clearview Cinema tomorrow night for a big screen presentation of Gypsy, starring Rosalind Russell and Natalie Wood.

In case you’ve been under a rock your whole life, the movie tells the story of famed stripper Gypsy Rose Lee and her overbearing stage mother Mama Rose. Maybe a remake vehicle for Linday Lohan and her own crazy mama Dina?

Tickets are only $6.50, but you can’t buy online. Complain about it to Scott, the manager.

Thursday, June 28
7pm and 10pm

Chelsea Clearview Cinema
260 West 23rd Street
(212) 777-FILM

Topshop Aviator Sunglasses


Its never fazed us to shop in the ladies’ department. Perhaps it was all the time in our formative years being dragged around the bras and the girdles that make it all seem so familiar now. Okay, stop, we’re getting into Norman Bates territory here.

Anywho, what we mean to say is that in fashion, unlike in literature, the designer’s intent has little to do with how you use the product. Who cares what they had in mind when they thunk it up? You’re the genius here and you’ll decide what to do with it, thank you very much.

Ooh, that was another tangent, wasn’t it? Anywho (again), what we really meant to say is that like most young women in the U.K., we totally love Topshop and their little brother Topman. They are always spot-on with trends and if they’re good enough for Kate Moss, they’re certainly good enough for the likes of you.

Check out these awesome leather-trimmed aviators we found on the website. Totally 80’s race car driver, classic and studly. But, for some reason, in the ladies’ department. Doesn’t matter to us, we’ll take ’em!

Leather trim aviators, $30

J. Press Summer Sale


Preppy emporium J. Press is having a summer sale, with 25% off everything in the store. Webbed belts, madras patchwork shorts, Reyn Spooner jackets, monogram buckles, gold tiebars… ooh, we’re getting woozy.

We love the blue and grey glenplaid tote with black leather trim, now $120. Visit the new flagship on Madison Avenue in New York City and you’ll probably see us there! 

West Coast Cord Short


We love love love the new West Coast Cord Short from American Apparel. See, we grew up in the 70’s (the late 70’s!) in Southern California, so our formative years were spent in t-shirts, windbreakers, Vans slip-ons and OP cord shorts. It was that whole Dogtown skateboarder feathered-hair Shaun Cassidy look.

American Apparel never lets a hipster trend pass them, so naturally they have reissued the corduroy surfer short with a stretch fabric and a slightly shorter length. Not a whole lot of color choices, but one pair is all you need. 

Free Color and Cut From Bumble & Bumble


Thinking about a buzz-cut for summer? Going grey way too early? On the run from the police and need a new look? Just bored and looking for free entertainment?

Bumble & Bumble University is offering free hair color and hair cut appointments. The catch is that you’re being worked on by a Bumble student, but they’ve all been professionally trained and the color session is supervised. Worst case scenario, your hair will eventually grow back.