MTV Movie Awards: The Bad

While the ladies looked hot on the pink carpet at last night’s show (yes, including the jailbird), the guys weren’t so much. Take The Office‘s John Krasinski:


He’s totally cute (we met him on the elevator at our apartment building) and he’s real tall and thin. A natural for a tuxedo. This looks like he’s headed out to do errands. Why do these minor-stars-who-are-about-to-become-major blow their photo-op with Casual Friday gear?


Saturday Night Live‘s Andy Samberg (aka Jimmy Fallon 2.0) takes down even further. When your only talent is being annoying, you best jazz it up a bit for the paps. Annoying Little Brother isn’t a great look on anyone.


The 300‘s Gerard Butler gets an A for effort but ultimately fails as miserably as the Spartans. His look is as hammy as his acting, looking more like a porn producer on a Silk Stalkings repeat than a movie star.

Why is he posing with Freddy Krueger, who at least had the common sense to wear black?

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