But Ya Are!

We fashiony-folk love our irony, don’t we? We love a vintage t-shirt for a band we never listen to, wearing riding boots even though we would scream at the sight of a horse, allotting more living space for our wardrobes than our bodies.

So of course we are in a twist waiting for the June 20th arrival of Anya Hindmarch’s cheeky canvas tote, I’m Not a Plastic Bag. Designed as an alternative to (duh) a plastic bag, Hindmarch has marketed it across the world as the environmentally responsible alternative for your market shopping. And when its no longer cool, you can stash it under the sink and fill it with plastic bags.

available at Anya Hindmarch stores June 20
available at East Coast Whole Foods Market locations July 18

I’m Not a Plastic Bag, $15


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