Lands’ End Boys Tie-Dye Polos


Like us, you may wander the racks and aisles of mass-maket stores fruitlessly looking for something, anything, in a size smaller than Medium or a 32″ waist. We’re not bragging, we’re just observing that the men’s size small seems to be going the way of the VHS tape.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, take a walk through the Boys (or Guys) section of your favorite big box retailer. You’ll find that a boys XL usually equals a men’s small. And not only are boys’ items usually a whole lot more fashionable than their Dad’s counterparts, they’re cheaper, too.

Check out our latest find from the boys’ Lands’ End department at Sears. 100% cotton pique polo shorts in awesome-for-summer tie-dye designs. Truly no two are alike and they come in a variety of colors, starting at just $17.50. We’re getting them in every color!

Lands’ End Boys Tie-Dye Polo, $17.50

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