Meet Mischa Barton


Meet future Academy Award-winner, fashion idiot (we know, we’re being totally evil) and former O.C. star Mischa Barton tomorrow at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I know, she’s about exciting as cold cornbread, but she’s the new spokesperson for Keds. I guess they’ve never seen her deliver lines. Buy a pair of Keds and she’ll scrawl her name on them.

Thursday, June 21st, 5pm – 7pm
Lord & Taylor
424 Fifth Ave @ 39th St


2 responses to “Meet Mischa Barton

  1. Article is too harsh, let alone not accurate. She’s not the “new” spokes person for Keds. She’s been with them for well over a year, and they’re very familiar with her delivering lines. That’s why they hired her in the first place. And as far as her being a “fashion idiot”, explain why every top designer in the world is waiting in line to dress her!

  2. Well put!! If you’re going to write about someone, at least make some sort of effort to get your facts right!!!

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