Mommie Dearest On the Big Screen! Interactive!


If you’re not spending your Pride weekend completely tweaked out and you live in Manhattan, you must go to the Chelsea Clearview Cinema tomorrow night for a big screen presentation of Mommie Dearest, starring Faye Dunaway and hosted by local drag queen Hedda Lettuce (she’s a rare funny one). For this special presentation, the film will be interactive. Not sure what that means, maybe more people than usual shouting at the screen.

In case you’ve been under a rock your whole life, the movie tells the allegedly true story of the horrible abuse that author Christina Crawford suffered at the hands of her mother, movie legend Joan Crawford. A virtual goldmine of classic lines to use on your friends. Really, go see it so you understand when that queen next to you shouts “Christina, bring me the ax!”

Tickets are only $7.50, but you can’t buy online. Complain about it to Scott, the manager.

Saturday, June 23rd @ 11pm
Chelsea Clearview Cinema
260 W 23rd St @ Eighth Ave
(212) 777-FILM

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