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Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale


‘Tis the season for clearance sales! Brooks Brothers has up to 40% off the original prices on their signature line of preppy duds and classic wardrobe elements. 

We Did It First


Don’t you hate when you come up with something that you think is totally original and then you see it in a shop window or a catalog? It happens to us all the time and we’ve begun to wonder if there may be a J. Crew spy following us around all day.

First, J. Crew totally stole our idea of cutting off their embroidered critter chinos. We love embroidered critter anything, but the pants looked too stuffy. Scissors, a snip and a run thrugh the wash, and you’ve got subversive preppy slob-wear.

Now J. Crew is pushing the cutoff camp shorts. Dagnabit, we did this just a few months ago (during one of those weird winter heat waves we had)! Our Army camp pants we’re looking beat and our summer gear was in storage, so shorts they became. Between you and me, they were a whole lot cheaper than the J. Crew “originals.”

J. Crew cutoff camp short, $54.50

Loose Threads


Not his best work.

French designer Thierry Mugler is reworking his own body. Idle hands are the devil’s playground. Dlisted

We think Marc Jacobs looked better before rehab. Looks like they left him in the Shrinky Dink oven too long. Gawker

The bidding for Barney’s has begun. As usual, only the Middle East has enough money. Women’s Wear Daily

Stylish Weekend: May 25, 2007


The Whitney opens their acid flashback “Summer of Love: Art of the Psychadelic Era” this weekend. Includes the photography of Richard Avedon (above) and rock art posters commisioned by music promoter Bill Graham.

The Museum of Arts & Design (aka that building in Columbus Circle that everyone hates and is now getting a facelift) has three shows going on. The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design celebrates the 50th anniversary of this timeless piece. Nature Transformed features wood art from the Bohlen Collection and Schmuck 2006 includes work by 60 jewelry artists from around the world. 

We nearly forgot to mention “Chandelirious! The Dazzling World of Contemporary Chandeliers” at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. If you’ve got a lesbian wedding to attend in New England, be sure to make a sidetrip to this amazing museum of art and design. Check out the Shaker furniture exhibit if you’ve got time. Through October 23, 2007.


We’ve been painting for three days and we’re exhausted, so we’re back to our real jobs. Here’s a tip for all you intrepid decorators and DIYers — if you’re painting a wall any color darker than yellow, use a tinted primer first. You’ll save yourself lots of time and a gallon of paint, which ain’t cheap these days.

Anywho, since the pied-a-terre is near completion, we’re back at the keyboard in a slightly abberviated state. We hope you’ll enjoy anyways.

Dear Reader,*

We’re going to be quite busy this week — painting, building Ikea furniture and fussing over the arrangement of our sportcoats. Yes, we’re (finally) moving into our posh new pied-a-terre!

While we won’t have time to ponder the ins and outs of men’s style (and those who haven’t a clue in either direction) for the next few days, we will be back Monday — freshly painted, newly assembled and meticulously organized. We’ll miss you the entire time.

To make up for last week’s boo-boo, wherein we accidentally posted the same Kylie Minogue video twice instead of the new Erasure video, here we give you the missing video. Enjoy, and try not to cry during it like we did.

*We don’t want to assume that there’s more than one of you.

Tropical Print Pants


We think that the best part of the coming warm weather is the opportunity to bust out the loud patterned pants that sit forlorn in our closets all winter. They’re so happy and gay (really gay, according to one slob who made fun of us for wearing patchwork pants) that its a shame we can’t wear them year-round.

A new addition to our collection this year will be the J. Crew tropical squares pant. We suspect they have such a bland name because they are total rip-offs of vintage Reyn Spooner fabric from Hawaii and the folks at J. Crew know that someone will sue their vintage khakis off for this.

Anyway, these pants are slim fit (hurrah!) and have a great vintage look with a rumpled buttondown and flip flops. Be the talk of the next cocktail party or start a reputation when you wear them on casual Friday.

J. Crew Tropical Squares pant, $149