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Anniversary Gift Themes


We love giving gifts, from selecting the gift to wrapping it to watching a loved one unwrap it. Its fun using our retail savvy to make someone we care about smile and give them something thoughtful.

Anniversaries can be tricky because most couples have everything they need by the time they reach their anniversary. We rely on the traditional anniversary themes as a way of finding something unique that the couple will appreciate and probably not have. For instance, the first anniversary theme is paper, probably the easiest. You could a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, tickets to a play or a framed photograph of the happy twosome.

Later anniversary themes present more interesting gift-giving challenges, like leather (3 years), fruit (4) and bronze (8). Remember, you don’t have to be literal. Using the bronze theme, a beach bag with two towels, two paperbacks and a tube of bronzer would be an unexpected surprise.

For a complete anniversary gift theme list, go to

Brenda Dickson, Superstar

Apologies in advance if you have never heard of former soap star Brenda Dickson. All you really need to know is that she’s an absolute loon and spends her spare time making videos to share her knowledge with her imagined fans.

As she says “Fashion is acquired by trying a lot of different fashions.” Words to live by.

Props to Ryan Reynolds


We’ve never been a big fan of Ryan Reynolds. There’s something queer about him (not in a good way). Maybe its the dating of Alanis Morrisette. Maybe its the body going from normal to amazing to scary.

Anywho, Ry-Ry looked great yesterday on TRL. Completely casual, but clean, of the moment and not like he just rolled in off a weekend bender. We hope other boy-starlets take notice before they head out for a photo op.

GQ Guide to Shirts and Ties


Believe it or not, even we struggle with our shirt and tie combos in the morning. Plaid with stripes? Polka dots with checks? Red with green? Thankfully, the experts at GQ have a foolproof picture guide on what to pair and what to avoid.

Advice From the Dead


“A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.”
— George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950
Irish dramatist

Advice From the Dead


“One man’s style must not be the rule of another’s.”

— Jane Austen, 1775-1817

Advice From the Dead


“If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style.”

                               — Quentin Crisp, 1908-1999
English writer and bon vivant 

Advice From the (Nearly) Dead


The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.

— Calvin Klein, 1942-20??