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Fake It ‘Til You Make It


Sucking up to advertisers and a big dose of hypocrisy are the two main ingredients in any fashion magazine. We know it and we look the other way so we can enjoy beautiful pictures of beautiful clothes.

However, Glenda Bailey’s new campaign “Fakes Are Never In Fashion” really takes the cake. As editor of Harper’s Bazaar, she must know that her magazine will always be an also-ran to Anna Wintour’s Vogue. So it’s actually quite genius that Glenda’s people have come up with an advertiser incentive that plays right into the designer’s sense of intellectual superiority by denouncing the child labor, drug trafficking and terrorism that they suppose come part and parcel with luxury knock-offs.

What we want to know is, what exactly is a counterfeit in Glenda’s eyes? Is it counterfeit just because its sold on the streets? What about Versace’s interpretation of a Chanel quilted bag? What about Tom Ford copying his Gucci designs when he went to YSL? What about Marc Jacobs’ whole career? I’m guessing that “fake” only applies to designers who don’t advertise with Bazaar.

Do designers have their heads so far up their own backsides that they don’t realize that any exposure is good exposure? That a woman who spends $20 on a fake Coach won’t ever buy the real thing for $500? And don’t even get us started on unfair labor laws in the European factories design centers where most luxury goods are made. Some of the people who work on a genuine Louis Vuitton bag makes less than the ticket price in an entire year!

Uniqlo Canvas Docksiders


We nearly spoke in tongues and had to be hospitalized when we saw these incredible kicks at Japanese fashion emporium Uniqlo. You know how we love a twist on a classic and it doesn’t get better than this.

The traditional docksider has been reinterpreted with industrial strength canvas khaki and the seams are left rough and frayed. And at just $39.50, such a bargain! Also comes in navy blue, black, blue engineer stripe and blue madras plaid. Trust us, these will sell out!

Canvas docksiders, $39.50
Broadway @ Prince Street

Bargain Hunter: Old Navy Patchwork Shorts


You know how we feel about knock-offs pretending to be high fashion. But when Old Navy does it, you have to recognize it for what it is. It won’t be as of-the-moment as the original and it certainly won’t be as well-made. But it will also not be as expensive or as hard to find as the original!

Take the new men’s patchwork cargo shorts. We’ve coveted the Polo and J. Crew versions of this twist-on-preppy (our favorite style), but our spendthrift brains and blogger budgets would just not allow us to fork over $70 for summer shorts. Old Navy has finally answered our prayers with these $34.50 numbers, available online only at the moment. Which is fine, because it will probably be a few more weeks before you can wear them!

Style Autopsy: The Market Bag

For the low-low price of $115, the obviously talented (sarcasm alert) Jaye Hersh at Shop Intuition will take a $5 Mexican plastic mesh market bag and paint your monogram and stripes on it. Never mind that we could do this ourselves in a matter of minutes, but haven’t we seen this before?


Lesson learned: if you sell it on the street, its a knock-off; if you sell it in a shop, its “inspired by.” Miuccia Prada taught us that.