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Loose Threads

Holy crap! Joan Van Ark looks like she’s been laid out in the dessert for a few days. Moisturize before someone skins you and uses the leather to make a handbag! Gabsmash

Cashmere Mafia gets whacked from the TV schedule? It must be bad if ABC would rather show repeats. Fashionista

The Loden Dager collection for Uniqlo leaves us cold. Hopefully, Tim Hamilton’s will be better.

Loose Threads


Gap employees are smart enough to know who Judy Garland is, but not that she’s dead. Mollygood

Speaking of, Cargo‘s Daniel Ou is headed to the Gap with a title that sounds totally made-up. The Daily

Rock stars to design book covers. Is there anything those semi-literate types can’t do? UnBeige

A history of the influence of seamen on fashion. We know its hard to get out of cashmere, is there more? Sorry, we couldn’t resist. International Herald Tribune

How to get beachy hair in the city. Isn’t it just frizzy with a salty smell? The Sun

Loose Threads: Bad Fashion Choices


Ben Affleck is really excited to be surfing with Matt Damon and has the trunks to prove it. Dlisted

Calvin Klein White Label coming to a mall near you. FabSugar

Cameron Diaz’s bad fashion choice offends an entire country. Dlisted

Counterfeit ring busted in New York area. Maybe all the tour bus ladies will stay home for a while. Women’s Wear Daily 

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Bright colors and swim-inspiration for Sping 2008. Vogue UK

PVH continues to suck the blood out of Calvin Klein. DNR

Everything you need to know about man-hugs. London Times

Now you can dress the Details way. But why? Women’s Wear Daily

Loose Threads


Is Tom Ford after Anderson Cooper? Ugh. Stylelist

Kylie Minogue — hot and a faithful dog owner. Yay! Dlisted

Shopsins reopens at the Essex Street Market. Ugh.

Loose Threads


The Gucci resort 2008 collection looks like TopShop. In a bad way. The Daily

Is Lord & Taylor finally getting their act together? We hope so, but we’re not holding our breath. Women’s Wear Daily

Vote for your favorite GQ cover.

Is Details about to go blank? Gawker

Loose Threads: It’s Hot Out

The new Chanel flagship in L.A. looks like a giant Chanel box. We likey. The Daily

Katie Holmes-Cruise gets a big-girl haircut, looks more like a boy. Marriage just fine. Dlisted

Tom Ford set for world domination. DNR

Robbie Williams still hot, all right with world. Just Jared

Loose Threads: Holy Crap!


Janet Leigh may have been having
a premonition of her husband’s future face…

Tony Curtis so totally not hot any more. Will have to take a sleeping pill tonight to avoid nightmares. Seriously?OMG!

Damian Hirst gives good head. “For the Love of God” to sell for $100 million. Metro

Tammy Faye Bakker quits her cancer treatments, in constant pain. Lord, don’t take our Tammy Faye! Seriously, she’s one of the few famous people who’s actually entertaining. Rent The Eyes of Tammy Faye this weekend and pray for her. Dlisted

Loose Threads: Stupid Celebrity Tricks


Do I look stoned?

Mischa Barton emulates sort of looks like famous drug addicts fashion icons of the past for a suckup piece fashion spread in the new issue of French Elle. Maybe her overdose collapse was just a publicity stunt to boost newsstand sales coincidence? Popsugar

Efette, well-dressed, poncy Frasier star comes out of the closet. No, not Kelsey Grammer, the other one. Dlisted

Lacy underwear queen Josie Natori debuts a men’s line. Umm… okay. The Daily

Loose Threads


Beth Ditto is a huge star!

The Gossip’s Beth Ditto opens her big mouth again and blames gay men for women’s body image issues. Alienating gay fans is a great way of selling records, right Donna Summer? Female First

Finally, someone else speaks the truth: gay men are NOT all inherently stylish! Details

John Bartlett is inherently stylish and he’s opening a new shop to prove it. The Fashion Informer

What does this have to do with style? Not having style? StyleList