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MTV Movie Awards: The Good

Times are hard when the best-dressed guy at an awards show is Chris Tucker. Don’t really care for him as an actor (is making sterotypical bug eyes and babbling something you learn at the Actor’s Studio?), but he does look good.


Josh Duhamel made half an effort, but when you’re this goodlooking, you’ve got a lot more leeway. Personally, we think that if you’re wearing a tie-less suit to an MTV awards show, you should bring it on. Looks a bit like the best man who’s had one too many.


Jay-Z looks great. The color works for him, looks lightweight for the early summer heat and he’s toned down the bling. Good job.


MTV Movie Awards: The Bad

While the ladies looked hot on the pink carpet at last night’s show (yes, including the jailbird), the guys weren’t so much. Take The Office‘s John Krasinski:


He’s totally cute (we met him on the elevator at our apartment building) and he’s real tall and thin. A natural for a tuxedo. This looks like he’s headed out to do errands. Why do these minor-stars-who-are-about-to-become-major blow their photo-op with Casual Friday gear?


Saturday Night Live‘s Andy Samberg (aka Jimmy Fallon 2.0) takes down even further. When your only talent is being annoying, you best jazz it up a bit for the paps. Annoying Little Brother isn’t a great look on anyone.


The 300‘s Gerard Butler gets an A for effort but ultimately fails as miserably as the Spartans. His look is as hammy as his acting, looking more like a porn producer on a Silk Stalkings repeat than a movie star.

Why is he posing with Freddy Krueger, who at least had the common sense to wear black?

Loose Threads


Marc Jacobs looks like the long-lost third DSquared twin. And still with the cigarettes and the known criminals. is there some kind of Tom Ford grinder that every male designer goes to before a red carpet event? Super short hair, over the top tan and tight tux. Its getting hard to tell them all apart.

Nick at Night


Dear Nick,

We loved you on Project Runway. You were robbed. You should have made it to the final 3. Your Barbie outfit was amazing. You were entertaining without being a jerk, you were smart and funny without ridiculing other. And you’re a teacher, which we greatly admire.

HOWEVER. We are overwhelmed by the amount of hair you have in such a small area, i.e. your head and face. Seriously, its like more than most men have over their entire body. And when you add the layers of jewelry, shirt, vest, jacket. Is a wool vest necessary in Beverly Hills? Ack! We feel like we’re suffocating and you look kind of shiny. Not the best way to take our breath away.

But we still think you’re fantastic.

Red Carpet Right: Joseph Gordon-Levitt


I hope I don’t sound like a pedophile when I admit that I have been a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt since he was the precocious little boy in the remake of Dark Shadows in 1991, even when he was a gawky teen in Third Rock From the Sun. Now he’s on the verge of becoming a movie star and I can say, See, I told you so. The kid’s got something.

He’s done this fan proud with his fashion choice at last night’s premiere of The Lookout in Hollywood. JGL looks young, but he looks like he belongs there. He looks hip, but he looks like he knows what he’s doing. The cast is even cute. Dare I say that he looks like he’s ready for the cover of Details, should they ever give Matthew McCoughnahey and Patrick Dmpsey a month off?

A refreshing change from the other stars of his age group who look like they just rolled out of bed and on to the red carpet.