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Rachel Zoe Is a Dumb Ass


Stylist Rachel Zoe, she responsible for making every desperate starlet look like an over-made-up waif from the travelling company of Oliver! had this to say about Vogue editor Anna Wintour:

“Anna Wintour is one of my heroes, but they say I’m more influential. As great as it is, Vogue won’t change a designer’s business. But if an unknown brand is worn by a certain person in a tabloid, it will be the biggest designer within a week.”

Puh-lease! Anna will chew you up for breakfast and won’t puke you back out. It’s on, bitch!

Demilebrity Sighting


Designers Isaac Franco and Ken Kaufman (not sure which is which) hogging the fountain soda machine at the Au Bon Pain on 49th and Madison. Both all Tom Ford-ed, with flip-flops (black), deep cleavage (white button-down), obnoxious Prada jeans. Carrying garment bags, not looking happy. Couldn’t find anything about where (or if) they work now. They’re the kind of designers who’ve been everywhere but ended up nowhere. No, not like us!

Brad Pitt Is Still Hot


If you think Brad Pitt has lost it since he became the less important part of Brangelina, check out the new Details. The photos by Steven Klein (Brad’s frequent fashion photo collaborator) are fantastic and will remind you why we loved him to begin with.


Jane Wyman, 1914-2007


Jane Wyman, star of Johnny Belinda, Magnificent Obsession, All That Heaven Allows, The Lost Weekend and TV’s Falcon Crest, died this morning at age 93. In addition to her numerous acting credits, she was the first wife of Ronald Reagan and mother of Maureen Reagan.


Brenda Dickson, Superstar

Apologies in advance if you have never heard of former soap star Brenda Dickson. All you really need to know is that she’s an absolute loon and spends her spare time making videos to share her knowledge with her imagined fans.

As she says “Fashion is acquired by trying a lot of different fashions.” Words to live by.

Props to Ryan Reynolds


We’ve never been a big fan of Ryan Reynolds. There’s something queer about him (not in a good way). Maybe its the dating of Alanis Morrisette. Maybe its the body going from normal to amazing to scary.

Anywho, Ry-Ry looked great yesterday on TRL. Completely casual, but clean, of the moment and not like he just rolled in off a weekend bender. We hope other boy-starlets take notice before they head out for a photo op.

Happy Birthday, Madonna!


Looking hot as ever!