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Baby Want An Hermes Watch


Have you seen the new Hermes watch collection? Some brainiac at the French luxury house finally realized that they were selling crap and redesigned the whole collection. We’re jonesing for the new men’s size Cape Cod with the double-tour leather band. Hmm… rent or watch, rent or watch?

Hermes Cape Cod watch, $1800


Hermes Belt News!


For years, an Hermes shopper could buy the iconic H logo buckle and an assortment of straps separately. Then, in the dreaded 90’s, the rules changed and dictated that straps and buckles would only be sold as sets.

Well, an insider has tipped us that the dark cloud has lifted and you can once again buy single belt straps sans buckle. The latest colors are gorgeous, from the classic orange to white to bright yellow to denim. Ooh, we’re getting a bit faint. Of course, they are $350, so its unlikely we’ll be making any major purchases in the near future.


Hot Idea: Hermes Scarf


I saw this in Domino magazine and as soon as someone on Canal Street has a decent knock-off of an Hermes scarf, I’ll be doing the same thing.

Just take an Hermes scarf (you probably have drawers full of them; if not, troll eBay for vintage scarves, especially by Vera) and frame it in a wood gallery frame. Makes a great graphic statement. But avoid equestrian or historical-themed scarves, which will make your living room look like a Talbot’s in Greenwich.

By the way, a friend informs me that the late Mrs. Oscar de la Renta did this, so I’ll feel no guilt by co-opting this look that was already co-opted by the kind and generous folks at Condé Nast.