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R.I.P. Canal Jeans


Canal Jeans, where we spent our formative New York years buying countless Army bags, vintage 501’s and camel overcoats, has shut its doors. An impromptu trip to the store’s latest location near NYU shocked us– doors locked, store nearly empty and a sad handwritten “Closed” sign taped to the door. *Sigh.*

Jane Wyman, 1914-2007


Jane Wyman, star of Johnny Belinda, Magnificent Obsession, All That Heaven Allows, The Lost Weekend and TV’s Falcon Crest, died this morning at age 93. In addition to her numerous acting credits, she was the first wife of Ronald Reagan and mother of Maureen Reagan.


Farewell, Brooke Astor


Brooke Astor, philanthropist and socialite


Advice From the Dead


“A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.”
— George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950
Irish dramatist

Mommie Dearest On the Big Screen! Interactive!


If you’re not spending your Pride weekend completely tweaked out and you live in Manhattan, you must go to the Chelsea Clearview Cinema tomorrow night for a big screen presentation of Mommie Dearest, starring Faye Dunaway and hosted by local drag queen Hedda Lettuce (she’s a rare funny one). For this special presentation, the film will be interactive. Not sure what that means, maybe more people than usual shouting at the screen.

In case you’ve been under a rock your whole life, the movie tells the allegedly true story of the horrible abuse that author Christina Crawford suffered at the hands of her mother, movie legend Joan Crawford. A virtual goldmine of classic lines to use on your friends. Really, go see it so you understand when that queen next to you shouts “Christina, bring me the ax!”

Tickets are only $7.50, but you can’t buy online. Complain about it to Scott, the manager.

Saturday, June 23rd @ 11pm
Chelsea Clearview Cinema
260 W 23rd St @ Eighth Ave
(212) 777-FILM

Advice From the Dead


“One man’s style must not be the rule of another’s.”

— Jane Austen, 1775-1817

Gianfranco Ferré Dead at 62


Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré passed away this weekend after suffering a massive brain hemmorhage in Milan.

Born in 1944, Ferré started out in 1970 as a jewelry and accessories designer after earning a degree in architecture. His first foray into fashion design came with a successful line of raincoats before being tapped by LVMH to helm Christian Dior, a position he held through 1996.

Ferré had just signed Julia Roberts and rock star Skin to star in a new ad campaign.

Advice From the Dead


“If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style.”

                               — Quentin Crisp, 1908-1999
English writer and bon vivant 

Edith Piaf ‘No Regrets’

Have you seen the fabulous Edith Piaf bio-pic La Vie En Rose? If not, see it now! Here’s a clip of the real Edith to pique your interest.

Advice From the Dead


“A closet full of wire hangers can be the most dangerous place in the world.

—Paul Lynde, 1926-1982