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Video Flashback

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we present one of our all-time favorite old commercials (and we do have a lot of favorites). When this originally aired, we had no idea who Peggy Lee was or what Enjoli even was. But the sight of a mom who could do it all and the catchy tune had us captured. And we do like our bacon fried up in a pan!

Call Mom and tell her thanks for everything she does for you.


Happy Mother’s Day!

In preperation for Mother’s Day, here’s a few pointers from Hollywood’s best mother. Such a gay stereotype, but camp is an often overlooked art form. Enjoy.

Video Flashforward

Madonna vs. Depeche Mode. It doesn’t sound right, but it totally works, just like polka dots and stripes.

Video Flashback

What kind of world do we live in when a mega-star like Kylie Minogue, who’s mobbed by fans and at the top of the charts in nearly every country, is a virtual stranger in the United States?

She’s gay-friendly (check out this video if you need proof), she’s a total clotheshorse (notice that she’s the only one wearing clothes) and she’s a breast cancer survivor. C’mon, people! Show Kylie the love.

Video Flashforward

Yesterday was Erasure singer Andy Bell’s birthday and we neglected to mention that they have a new single and video out called “I Could Fall In Love With You.” As usual, its got great music (thanks, Vince) and lyrics that anyone who’s ever been in love can identify with. We love the subtle political stance of the video.

Video Flashback

It’s impossible to think of the influence of fashion in 80’s music without thinking of English pop group ABC. Led by Martin Frye, the group combined the sugar-coated look of the burgeoning music video revolution with the soul of Motown and the dramatic flair of Broadway-influenced pop to come up with something entirely new.

Though the band was short-lived in its original incarnation, their album The Lexicon of Love, featuring this single “Poison Arrow,” is always at the top of the list of best albums of the 80’s. Check out Martin’s costumes — we’d sell our grandmother into a Bangkok brothel to get our hands on that gold lamé suit.

Video Flashback

There’s no single person more responsible for the look, feel and sound of electronic music than Vince Clarke, founder of Depeche Mode, Yaz and Erasure. His mastery of the synth-pop sound defined a generation of alternative dance music that is still influential today.

Clarke’s 1983 paring with blue-eyed soul singer Alison Moyet (he responded to her ad seeking blues musicians) created two timeless albums, Upstairs at Eric’s and You and Me Both. The video for “Don’t Go,” featuring a kind of New Wave Frankenstein’s monster gothic love story, was shot on a shoestring budget 25 years ago this summer, officially making it an antique! We think it couldn’t sound more modern.