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Armistead Maupin Reading

The author of Tales of the City and The Night Listener will host a reading and discussion, presumably from his forthcoming Tales follow-up Michael Tolliver Lives. Followed by a performance by the band Elk City.

Thursday, June 14th @ 7pm
Barnes & Noble Union Square
(212) 253-0819

Sandra Bernhardt at Borders Book Cafe

Funny lady (though we find that debatable) Sandra Bernhardt will be signing her new book Everything Bad and Beautiful at the Penn Plaza Borders. Will undoubtedly go off on Catherine Zeta-Jones, refuse to comment on Madonna and drop a few other names.

Thursday, June 7 @ 6 pm
Borders Book Cafe
2 Penn Plaza

Happy Birthday, Amy Sedaris!


The star of Strangers With Candy and the author of the hostess manual I Like You turns 46 today. Her use of fashion and style to interpret characters is pure genius.

Garrison Keillor Is a Dumb Ass


Prolific writer Garrison Keillor, who barfed out A Prarie Home Companion during a commercial break on NPR, just published a new piece on Salon taking issue with the gays, specifically the gays who need to be brought “under control.”

In the piece, Keillor marvels at the rainbow of colors and backgrounds of elementary school children today compared to when he was in school (in a log cabin, I presume). Then he goes off on this tangent about certain types of gay men who are loud and worship entertainers and have “weird little dogs” and questioning wether or not they would make fit parents.

If this pisses you off like it does me, drop a line to the editor of Salon and let them know how you feel.


Oldest Living Supermodel Tells All


I have to admit that I picked up Janice Dickinson’s 2003 memoir No Lifeguard on Duty at the Housing Works $1 rack and wouldn’t have paid a cent more for it. I was expecting a light beach read about sex, drugs and fashion that could be washed out with the tide.

There’s no doubt that the bitch is crazy and that she’s lying through her teeth when she claims to invented the term “supermodel,” but this book could break the coldest heart. Detailing her dysfunctional childhood, raised by a prescription drug addict mother and sexually abusive father, it gets pretty graphic and leaves no sordid detail undescribed. When she finally gets to New York and works as a model, there’s no glamour to be found– unlike Tyra Banks is force-feeding us on America’s Next Top Model, the same show Janice judged on and criticized young girls mercilessly just as Eileen Ford did to her.

I was hooked on the first page and read until 2am without putting it down. Pick it up next time you’re at the Goodwill.

UPDATE: Oh, no! I just got to the part where Janice walked in on her too-good-to-be-true boyfriend with another woman. I feel a downward spiral coming!