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Demilebrity Sighting


Designers Isaac Franco and Ken Kaufman (not sure which is which) hogging the fountain soda machine at the Au Bon Pain on 49th and Madison. Both all Tom Ford-ed, with flip-flops (black), deep cleavage (white button-down), obnoxious Prada jeans. Carrying garment bags, not looking happy. Couldn’t find anything about where (or if) they work now. They’re the kind of designers who’ve been everywhere but ended up nowhere. No, not like us!

Demi-lebrity Sighting


We spotted Jaslene, the winner of America’s Next Top Model‘s last cycle, walking across 23rd Street last night. You know her, the Puerto Rican girl who looked and acted like a vogueing tranny. She was incognito last night, wearing an army hat and an oversized shirt.

Malan is Not Subtle


Project Runway cast-off Malan was taking a picture with his cell phone of the Intermix store window on Bleecker Street last night. Then he turned around and gave us a hard up-and-down cruise. He didn’t mention it on his blog today, so I guess we don’t rate.

Malan’s Blog

Celebrity Sighting

bp2.jpgWe got fashion-cruised by Heatherette designer and nightlife figure Richie Rich yesterday afternoon. He was walking up Seventh Avenue wearing short-shorts, t-shirt, sparkly hat and makeup (probably a dress-down look for him) and carrying a sandwich in a bag and a huge soda from Subway. We wish we had our camera.

Celeberity Sighting


How ya doin’?

Sopranos star James Gandolfini was at the same storage area we use, unloading a flatbad cart with a duvet, lamp, bedside table, etc. Wearing Dad-gear– camp shirt, pleated shorts, white athletic socks and a manicured beard/stubble.

Star are just like us– they put their stuff in storage after a nasty break-up!

Celebrity Sighting


CNN’s Andersen Cooper walked by our building as we were out with our beloved dog. Would you believe that the closet-case news presenter sneered at our dog! Really! We wanted to respond Invasion of the Body Snatchers style and point at him a yell “Homo! Homo!”

UPDATE: Sunday was Andersen’s 40th birthday, which probably explains his ca-ca face.

Celebrity Sighting


Project Runway maestro Tim Gunn walked right by us in front of our apartment building. Looked exactly like he does on the show — pinstripe suit, white shirt, black dress shoes and a very austere look on his face. Wanted to say hello, but we were holding a dog leash in one hand and a bag of dog poo in the other. Carry on!