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Today’s Tote


We love tote bags (duh) and we love simplicity. It doesn’t get any tote-ier or simpler than the classic L.L. Bean Boat ‘n’ Tote. We’ve used them for years, for everything from a weekend worth of books and clothes to visit the in-laws (classic canvas with navy trim) to food supplies for Fire Island (camouflage waterproof version, easy to spot in the ferry’s luggage heap) to a day at the office (all-black with a black monogram).

The newest version of the Boat ‘n’ Tote is in a great navy and hunter Black Watch plaid with a zip top. Satisfies our want for simplicity and our crazy tartan obsession.

L.L. Bean Black Watch Tartan Boat ‘n’ Tote

Club Monaco Canvas Tote


As you know, we’re mad for tote bags. We’ve got back problems and messenger bags are so over, but we’re always lugging around tons of stuff, so a tote is the only choice. This one is great because it’s big but not too big, it’s canvas (the cows thank you) and has lots of little pockets to keep you organized.

File this under things we would be if we weren’t poor and spending what little money we have on dumb stuff like food and electricity.

Club Monaco Canvas Tote, $129

Today’s Tote


We love a good tote. See, we have this theory that while suburbanites use their cars as status symbols, city-dwellers have their bags to show their sense of style. The News Bag from Crate & Barrel is touching all our style-spots: its eye-catching, its sensibly-sized, its eco-friendly (recycled newspaper and plastic) and its cheap.

News Bag, $12.95

But Ya Are!

We fashiony-folk love our irony, don’t we? We love a vintage t-shirt for a band we never listen to, wearing riding boots even though we would scream at the sight of a horse, allotting more living space for our wardrobes than our bodies.

So of course we are in a twist waiting for the June 20th arrival of Anya Hindmarch’s cheeky canvas tote, I’m Not a Plastic Bag. Designed as an alternative to (duh) a plastic bag, Hindmarch has marketed it across the world as the environmentally responsible alternative for your market shopping. And when its no longer cool, you can stash it under the sink and fill it with plastic bags.

available at Anya Hindmarch stores June 20
available at East Coast Whole Foods Market locations July 18

I’m Not a Plastic Bag, $15