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Working Hard, Hardly Working


Ever pick up an issue of Harper’s Bazaar and say to yourself “Christ, what does the editor in chief of this piece of crap actually do all day?” (We do, once a month.) Mediabistro asked the tough questions and it turns out Glenda starts her day “early… 9 o’clock, 8 o’clock for previews” and reads a lot of magazines. Hey, sounds like our job!

On a side note, tell us that Glenda doesn’t look like Stephen Fry in Bernadette Peters drag.

Plus Deck Cassette Converter

We were closeted DJs in high school and college, putting together mix tapes for every occasion until they were toppling off the shelves. When the iPod came around, the mix tapes went buh-bye. If only we’d waited a couple of years for the new Plus Deck Cassette Converter, a nifty device that reads cassette music tapes and converts them to MP3 files.

Plus Deck Cassette Converter, $130

Many Faces of Vanity Fair


Vanity Fair will be pushing the envelope with their July issue. Actually, it better be a pretty big envelope, since the Bono-edited issue will be available with 20 different celebrity covers to collect.

The issue focuses on the crisis in Africa and the covers feature celebrities like Brad Pitt, Desmond Tutu, Alicia Keys, Warren Buffett, Muhammad Ali and Bill Gates, all shot by celebrity photog Annie Leibovitz. Barney’s on Madison Avenue will feature all the covers in its store windows.

From Women’s Wear Daily: “These are incredible people of our time who all have a passion for and a connection to Africa,” said Leibovitz. “It was important to me to really show the humanity in their faces.”