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Jane Wyman, 1914-2007


Jane Wyman, star of Johnny Belinda, Magnificent Obsession, All That Heaven Allows, The Lost Weekend and TV’s Falcon Crest, died this morning at age 93. In addition to her numerous acting credits, she was the first wife of Ronald Reagan and mother of Maureen Reagan.


Demi-lebrity Sighting


We spotted Jaslene, the winner of America’s Next Top Model‘s last cycle, walking across 23rd Street last night. You know her, the Puerto Rican girl who looked and acted like a vogueing tranny. She was incognito last night, wearing an army hat and an oversized shirt.

SJP: To Catch a Thief

Call us crazy, but we really, really don’t like Sarah Jessica Parker’s commercial for her new Covet stinkwater. Don’t you think its promoting and romanticizing crime and imprisonment? Don’t we have enough of that?

Malan is Not Subtle


Project Runway cast-off Malan was taking a picture with his cell phone of the Intermix store window on Bleecker Street last night. Then he turned around and gave us a hard up-and-down cruise. He didn’t mention it on his blog today, so I guess we don’t rate.

Malan’s Blog

Meet Mischa Barton


Meet future Academy Award-winner, fashion idiot (we know, we’re being totally evil) and former O.C. star Mischa Barton tomorrow at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I know, she’s about exciting as cold cornbread, but she’s the new spokesperson for Keds. I guess they’ve never seen her deliver lines. Buy a pair of Keds and she’ll scrawl her name on them.

Thursday, June 21st, 5pm – 7pm
Lord & Taylor
424 Fifth Ave @ 39th St

MTV Movie Awards: The Good

Times are hard when the best-dressed guy at an awards show is Chris Tucker. Don’t really care for him as an actor (is making sterotypical bug eyes and babbling something you learn at the Actor’s Studio?), but he does look good.


Josh Duhamel made half an effort, but when you’re this goodlooking, you’ve got a lot more leeway. Personally, we think that if you’re wearing a tie-less suit to an MTV awards show, you should bring it on. Looks a bit like the best man who’s had one too many.


Jay-Z looks great. The color works for him, looks lightweight for the early summer heat and he’s toned down the bling. Good job.


MTV Movie Awards: The Bad

While the ladies looked hot on the pink carpet at last night’s show (yes, including the jailbird), the guys weren’t so much. Take The Office‘s John Krasinski:


He’s totally cute (we met him on the elevator at our apartment building) and he’s real tall and thin. A natural for a tuxedo. This looks like he’s headed out to do errands. Why do these minor-stars-who-are-about-to-become-major blow their photo-op with Casual Friday gear?


Saturday Night Live‘s Andy Samberg (aka Jimmy Fallon 2.0) takes down even further. When your only talent is being annoying, you best jazz it up a bit for the paps. Annoying Little Brother isn’t a great look on anyone.


The 300‘s Gerard Butler gets an A for effort but ultimately fails as miserably as the Spartans. His look is as hammy as his acting, looking more like a porn producer on a Silk Stalkings repeat than a movie star.

Why is he posing with Freddy Krueger, who at least had the common sense to wear black?

Advice From the Dead


“A closet full of wire hangers can be the most dangerous place in the world.

—Paul Lynde, 1926-1982

R.I.P. Charles Nelson Reilly


Charles Nelson Reilly, Tony-winning star of stage, screen and Match Game, passed away from pneumonia complications this past Friday.

We’ll always remember his hysterical queer quips on Match Game. When once asked on the show what color his house was, Reilly asked “What day is it?” We didn’t quite understand it at 7 years old, but we found it hysterical.

Charles Nelson Reilly

Video Flashback

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we present one of our all-time favorite old commercials (and we do have a lot of favorites). When this originally aired, we had no idea who Peggy Lee was or what Enjoli even was. But the sight of a mom who could do it all and the catchy tune had us captured. And we do like our bacon fried up in a pan!

Call Mom and tell her thanks for everything she does for you.