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Happy Birthday, Madonna!


Looking hot as ever!

Happy Birthday, Martha!


The queen of all media turns a youthful 66 today. See what good growing your own vegetables and a reinvigorating stint in the big house can do for you?

Birkenstocks at Daffy’s


Every Daffy’s store in Manhattan just got a big shipment of men’s Birkenstock sandals. We know, we always thought they were total hippy wear, too. But they are way comfortable and last forever.

Daffy’s has mainly basics (3-strap brown leather) and some dicey fashion styles (5-strap red glossy leather), all at about 50% off retail.

Happy Birthday, Andy Bell!


Andrew Ivan Bell was working in a meat-packing plant when he responded to an advert for singers and met Vince Clarke. The story goes that his performance of “Who Needs Love Like That?” was so amazing, everyone else was sent home and the song later became the first single from Erasure.

Bell’s flamboyant stage personality make Erasure a concert hall sensation and an icon in the gay community.  You haven’t seen a show or over-the-top costume design until you’ve seen Erasure perform live. Andy’s got a bit of a potty mouth, too, which we love.

Andy Bell turns 43 today.

Happy Birthday, Jean Paul Gaultier!


Starting out as Pierre Cardin’s assistant in 1970, Jean Paul Gaultier showed his first collection in 1976. His collections have always been influenced by street culture and the media, and he’s known for twisting gender roles in his designs, often overshadowing the intricate design and construction of his work. Gaultier became a household name in the U.S. when he designed the costumes for Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour, featuring cone bras, Roman top-knot ponytails and extreme makeup design.

The bad boy of fashion turns 55 today.

Happy Birthday, Bette Davis


Okay, so she’s been dead for almost 20 years. But an icon like Bette Davis deserves to be recognized at least once a year, if not once a month or even, like in our office, once a week. She was awarded two Oscars and 9 nominations for her work and starred in such camp classics as All About Eve and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?. She was clearly an actress without pride, which we think is a necessity for a believable film.

Bette lived an incredible life on and off screen and always did it with panache and style. In other words, she kept her mouth shut, which is something the Anistons and the Paltrows of the world should give a try.

Ruth Elizabeth Davis was born April 5, 1908 in Lowell, MA. She died of breast cancer in 1989.

Happy Birthday, Ewan McGregor!


It takes a well-honed sense of style and taste to completely understand the hotness of Ewan McGregor. I’ll explain it to you in a simple, bullet-point style.

• The accent. His Scottish brogue, making it impossible to understand everything he says, makes anything sound sexy.

• He’s not afraid to do nude scenes. Ewie flashed it all in Velvet Underground. He should do more nude scenes, but they need to be longer.

• He’s not afraid to embarass himself. Did you see the Star Wars prequels? That beard and rattail? And he showed his derriere in The Pillow Book.

• He makes Thom Browne suits look good. And you know how I feel about Thom Browne.

• He can sing. I cried the first time I saw Moulin Rouge when he sang “Your Song” to Nicole Kidman.

• He rides a motorcycle cross-country. BEYOND TOTALLY HOT.

The hotness that is Ewan McGregor turned 36 on Saturday.

Happy Birthday, Warren Beatty!


Young Warren Beatty was hot, you can’t deny it. The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone was two hours of Hollywood gorgeousness, with Beatty as the hottest gigolo in Rome. His farmboy sexiness literally drove Natalie Wood bonkers in Splendor In the Grass. Bonnie and Clyde was fashion and violence perfection. Shampoo was crap, but he looked amazing. I hear Reds was quite good.

In conclusion, Warren Beatty was sex on two legs and always dressed the part.

Warren Beatty turns 70 today.

Happy Birthday, Amy Sedaris!


The star of Strangers With Candy and the author of the hostess manual I Like You turns 46 today. Her use of fashion and style to interpret characters is pure genius.

Happy Birthday, Pat Riley


Former LA Lakers coach and 80’s hair idol Pat Riley, born in Rome, New York, turns 62 today. Do you know any man who didn’t try to gel his hair back into a wet-look helmet in the 80’s? Where would Giorgio Armani be if Pat Riley hadn’t worn all those suits courtside? Riley set the standard for the powerful businessman look.