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Marc’s Trashy Boyfriend Does What Anna Wintour Can Only Dream Of


Demilebrity Sighting


Designers Isaac Franco and Ken Kaufman (not sure which is which) hogging the fountain soda machine at the Au Bon Pain on 49th and Madison. Both all Tom Ford-ed, with flip-flops (black), deep cleavage (white button-down), obnoxious Prada jeans. Carrying garment bags, not looking happy. Couldn’t find anything about where (or if) they work now. They’re the kind of designers who’ve been everywhere but ended up nowhere. No, not like us!

Pope of Mope Says “Nope”


Fans of The Smiths waiting for a reunion will have to wait a little longer. Morrissey has turned down a $75 million reunion deal.


Happy Birthday, Madonna!


Looking hot as ever!

Not Buying It


We just don’t buy into the David Lauren and Lauren Bush couple thing. Their body language doesn’t speak of love and Lauren looks like she spread Vaseline on her teeth to keep smiling. David appears to have calculated exactly how little he needs to touch her body but still appear to be embracing.

Of course, none of this opinion has ANYTHING to do with the time we spotted David sauntering down Christopher Street all by himself on a weekday evening. Not at all.

Malan is Not Subtle


Project Runway cast-off Malan was taking a picture with his cell phone of the Intermix store window on Bleecker Street last night. Then he turned around and gave us a hard up-and-down cruise. He didn’t mention it on his blog today, so I guess we don’t rate.

Malan’s Blog

ALT Honored By L&T


We’ve always thought that Andre Leon Talley’s “fashion genuis” was questionable. Remember when a photographer got that pic of his stuff hanging out at a fashion show? Just look at what he’s hanging out with in the pic above.

Now, the poor dear’s going to be honored by Fashion Group International with their Lord & Taylor Fashion Oracle Award. Wait, an award for fashion named for L&T? We don’t get it. Yeah, they’ve got a $10 million ad campaign going on, but all the money in the world can’t buy taste. Do you think the ‘tards who run L&T even knew who he was?

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