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Today’s Tote


We love tote bags (duh) and we love simplicity. It doesn’t get any tote-ier or simpler than the classic L.L. Bean Boat ‘n’ Tote. We’ve used them for years, for everything from a weekend worth of books and clothes to visit the in-laws (classic canvas with navy trim) to food supplies for Fire Island (camouflage waterproof version, easy to spot in the ferry’s luggage heap) to a day at the office (all-black with a black monogram).

The newest version of the Boat ‘n’ Tote is in a great navy and hunter Black Watch plaid with a zip top. Satisfies our want for simplicity and our crazy tartan obsession.

L.L. Bean Black Watch Tartan Boat ‘n’ Tote

Jack Is Mad For Plaid


If you saw us every day, you’d have figured out that we don’t leave the house without at least one tartan plaid garment (or undergarment) on. We’ve got Scottish blood, it can’t be helped. To quote another fashion insider, “Plaid is my favorite color.”

As you can imagine, we were speaking practically in tongues when we saw the new J. Crew exclusive tartan Jack Purcell sneakers. We can always count on J. Crew to keep the great twisted classics coming.

Jack Purcell Tartan Sneakers, $85

Urban Outfitters Patchwork Chair


We love the twisted classics you can always find at your local Urban Outfitters. Take the new Water Lilly Patchwork chair. The lines and shape are reminiscent of our favorite mid-century modern designs, but the upholstery is pure Partridge Family.

Urban Outfitters Water Lilly Patchwork Chair, $200

Aldo Plaid Sneakers


We don’t usually advocate anything that’s too overdone — faux staining, paint splattering, bleach spots — and we really despise blatant knock-offs, like the upswing of wannabe Converse All-Stars with elastic instep we’ve been seing all over the place (talking to you, Old Navy).

However, we make exception for the new Aldo ‘Wineca’ sneakers done in a modified Prince of Wales plaid. They’ve got all the hallmarks of Converse — elastic instep, familiar rubber sole — but done in a kicky glenplaid and then frayed and damaged.

Aldo ‘Wineca’ sneakers, $49.50

Twisted Classic: Victor Glemaud Cardigans


Former fashion publicist Victor Glemaud lived out our personal dream — he ran away to Paris and became a fashion designer. Glemaud’s being noticed with these genius double-cardigans. Made from recycled cashmere (love it), each sweater is unique.

Victor Glemaud cardigan, $300

Sea Bags


We love twisted classics — an icon of fashion that some genius designer (or marketer) has transformed into something even more fabulous. Sea Bags are a twisted classic. A basic rope-handle tote constructed with genuine recycled sails.

The new limited-edition Horton Nichols bag is sold to raise money to send sailors Andy Horton and Brad Nichol to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Horton Nichols Sea Bag, $395