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Not Buying It


We just don’t buy into the David Lauren and Lauren Bush couple thing. Their body language doesn’t speak of love and Lauren looks like she spread Vaseline on her teeth to keep smiling. David appears to have calculated exactly how little he needs to touch her body but still appear to be embracing.

Of course, none of this opinion has ANYTHING to do with the time we spotted David sauntering down Christopher Street all by himself on a weekday evening. Not at all.

Ralph Lauren Goes Too Far


Ugh. The folks at Polo have taken it a step further than need be with the new flag polos. Big number, big pony, big flag, all for big bucks. All the subtlety of a Times Square marquee.

Polo Ralph Lauren flag polo, $125

What’s Black and White and Read All Over?

Rugby Window

Okay, dumb joke, but it popped into our heads when we saw the new Rugby Ralph Lauren windows on East 12th Street this afternoon. We love the glamourization of books and libraries (though we hardly read anything but magazines any more) and anything black and white is going to last you for years and years.

Polo Factory Store Sale


Have you ever been to the Polo Factory Store at Woodbury Commons? No?! You must go this weekend. There’s a free bus and today starts their summer sale, with 25% to 40% markdowns all over the store for men, women, children and sometimes even dogs. We kid you not. Last time we were there, we got chinos for $5 and a khaki blazer for $7.

While you’re at Woodbury, peruse the amazing Chanel store, get some pans at Crate & Barrel , try out the Weight Watchers dinners at Applebee’s and let us know how they are. Make a day of it!

Hot Idea: Khaki 3-Piece Suit


We love a khaki suit and we love a 3-piece suit and now the geniuses at Polo Ralph Lauren’s Rugby have combined them. Wear all three pieces for a summer job interview or break them up — we like the suit and vest with jeans.

For store locations: 

Outfit of the Day: Polo Ralph Lauren


Call me crazy (and you probably have), but when I see an outfit I like in a shop window, I snap a pic on my digital camera. Later, I’ll print a copy and add it to the inspiration board in my dressing room. Here’s a good one from the Polo Ralph Lauren store on Bleecker Street. I’ve got all the essential elements in storage and look forward to unleashing this on the unsuspecting public.

Remember, its LORR-en, not lorr-EN.