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Jack Is Mad For Plaid


If you saw us every day, you’d have figured out that we don’t leave the house without at least one tartan plaid garment (or undergarment) on. We’ve got Scottish blood, it can’t be helped. To quote another fashion insider, “Plaid is my favorite color.”

As you can imagine, we were speaking practically in tongues when we saw the new J. Crew exclusive tartan Jack Purcell sneakers. We can always count on J. Crew to keep the great twisted classics coming.

Jack Purcell Tartan Sneakers, $85

Thrift Score!


Call us crazy (others have), but sometimes our favorite thrift stores call out to us. Not in like a voices-in-our-head kind of way but just an inkling that we NEED to get there TODAY. One memorable time, we ended up with a pirate’s booty of vintage Gucci belts for $1.99 each when we listened to our thrifter’s intuition.

Today was one of those days, so we hightailed it to the Upper East Side charity shop row, aka Third Avenue between 84th Street and 77th Street. Lo and behold, a fabulous pair of Peal & Co. for Brooks Brothers black velvet slippers with little fox heads embroidered in metallic silk thread. Just $40! We’re not ashamed to admit that we were hyperventilating a little bit.

We’ll be sporting them this fall with beaten jeans, a button down shirt, bowtie and wool sweater. Yes, as a matter of fact, we do like to look like a mannequin in the Polo store window.