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Snoopy Is Always In Fashion


We’ve always loved Snoopy because he had attitude. He rolled his eyes at the humans and did whatever he wanted. We were precocious tots and thought he was awesome for sticking his tongue out behind Lucy’s back.

The geniuses at MetLife have figured out that just about everyone loves Snoopy and a lot of people like fashion, so maybe some of those people might buy insurance during New York Fashion Week. Yeah, a stretch, but thanks to them for their ‘Snoopy In Fashion’ runway show, featuring Project Runway‘s Laura Bennett, Jeremy Scott (off-topic: why is he not as famous as Marc Jacobs?), Heatherette, Betsey Johnson, Isaac Mizrahi and more.

By the way, if you want a taste of fab 80’s fashion featuring Snoopy, find yourself a copy of the original hardcover Snoopy In Fashion.


Snoopy In Fashion

Jane Wyman, 1914-2007


Jane Wyman, star of Johnny Belinda, Magnificent Obsession, All That Heaven Allows, The Lost Weekend and TV’s Falcon Crest, died this morning at age 93. In addition to her numerous acting credits, she was the first wife of Ronald Reagan and mother of Maureen Reagan.


Hermes Belt News!


For years, an Hermes shopper could buy the iconic H logo buckle and an assortment of straps separately. Then, in the dreaded 90’s, the rules changed and dictated that straps and buckles would only be sold as sets.

Well, an insider has tipped us that the dark cloud has lifted and you can once again buy single belt straps sans buckle. The latest colors are gorgeous, from the classic orange to white to bright yellow to denim. Ooh, we’re getting a bit faint. Of course, they are $350, so its unlikely we’ll be making any major purchases in the near future.


Happy Birthday, Madonna!


Looking hot as ever!

Style Icon: The Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket


Part of your kit.

Originating in the 1950’s, the Belstaff Trialmaster jacket has been a design classic every since.  Revolutionary in its time, the Trialmaster was designed with waxed cotton, a first for Belstaff and for the United Kingdom.

Though virtually unheardof in the United States, the Belstaff Trialmaster is considered a men’s (and sometimes women’s) wardrobe staple throughout Europe and inspires collectors to scour flea market stalls and estate sales to find styles of bygone eras. Stylish celebrities like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone and Naomi Campbell have all been spotted in Belstaff. 

Icon: The Filson Tote Bag


Filson luggage is enjoying a rennaisance as of late, thanks in part to the new washed tote sold exclusively at Steven Alan, and mentions in GQ and Details. We’ve always thought Filson was an essential part of a dapper dude’s wardrobe.

Naturally, the Filson tote is our favorite. Made of Filson’s signature oil-finish cotton twill with double handles, it has four outside pockets that will stow anything from the Wall Street Journal to an iPod. The handles are long enough to go over the shoulder, short enough to carry at your side without skimming the sidewalk.

Every piece of Filson is made from industrial strength twill and is trimmed and handled with vegetable-tanned bridle leather. The brass zippers are designed to resist corrosion. In fact, Filson claims that their bags are so strong, a Filson duffle can carry a 1968 Volkswagen engine. Our magazines and detritis weighs almost as much.

Fellow bargain hunters, buy direct from Filson or look on eBay for the best price. We’ve seen them at retail outlets with a markup of as much as $50.

Filson twill tote bag, $97.50

Icon: Globe-Trotter Suitcase


If it’s good enough for the Queen of England, it’s good enough for us. No, we’re not talking about a blue hair rinse or sensible heels. We’re talking about Globe-Trotter luggage, the preferred travelling cases of the Royal Family.

Globe-Trotters have been part of history since David Nelkin founded the company in 1897. Queen Elizabeth II carried (or someone carried for her) Globe-Trotter on her honeymoon. Sir Edmund Hillary had it with him on Everest. Pilots and crew for the Royal Air Force and British Airways also favored the lightweight bags.

The bags are handcrafted in Hertfordshire, England from Vulcan Fibre — that’s right, they’re cardboard! Each bag has an ash wood frame, cloth lining and leather trim. There’s even a bespoke service, if you find yourself near the Burlington Arcade shops in London (you should some day; its fabulous) with a wad of cash. Each bag is available in classic and contemporary colors and are virtually indistructable.

Our Globe-Trotter has literally been around the world and back. Don’t ask us how we got it and don’t ask to borrow it.

Globe-Trotter Ltd.