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Over: Gothic Printed T-Shirts


I’m not sure who this Lando kid is (I do love that he’s named after the funky mayor of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian), but he’s sporting a tired trend that must be put down now. Sorry kid, you were just in the wrong place (Mercedes-Benz L.A. Fashion Week) at the wrong time (when I’m sitting at my desk with a headache).

Gothic printed t-shirts, a sub-species of the skull motif, are over, done with, headed to the dumpster. And, like most trends that have already filtered from Rogue’s Gallery down to Ron Herman and bottomed-out at Old Navy, they were never very in to begin with. Maybe its because I work in graphic design, but they reek of royalty-free clip-art books. Not to mention that no one in the Gothic era ever wore a t-shirt, let alone an orange one with glitter letters.