Happy Birthday, Ewan McGregor!


It takes a well-honed sense of style and taste to completely understand the hotness of Ewan McGregor. I’ll explain it to you in a simple, bullet-point style.

• The accent. His Scottish brogue, making it impossible to understand everything he says, makes anything sound sexy.

• He’s not afraid to do nude scenes. Ewie flashed it all in Velvet Underground. He should do more nude scenes, but they need to be longer.

• He’s not afraid to embarass himself. Did you see the Star Wars prequels? That beard and rattail? And he showed his derriere in The Pillow Book.

• He makes Thom Browne suits look good. And you know how I feel about Thom Browne.

• He can sing. I cried the first time I saw Moulin Rouge when he sang “Your Song” to Nicole Kidman.

• He rides a motorcycle cross-country. BEYOND TOTALLY HOT.

The hotness that is Ewan McGregor turned 36 on Saturday.

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